Book Blends

All of these blends are created at and available from Adagio Teas!

Elle’s Cup
A wonderful basic black that is anything but. This tea will brew dark, smoky and strong, with the bitterness cut by a rich touch of cream. Serve extra hot with a generous pour of milk.

Brownlee Blend
Smooth and rich Assam with an earthy, fruity accompaniment and hints of warm vanilla.


One Night Ever After
The distinctive flavors of Earl Grey mellowed by vanilla and cream, with a kick of something spicy that finishes with something sweet.

Holiday Sanctuary
Warm and spicy black tea with an undertone of chestnut, and pieces of candy cane for a bit of holiday zing.

Emergency Contact
This black tea blend is rich and smooth with a smoky finish and accented with hints of spice and herb.

Force Play
This tea is perfect for summer, taken hot or iced. Assam–an elevated basic black–with berry and rose essences, and a burst of colorful sprinkles for fun. Like fireworks after the home team wins the game!

Earthy ginger and bright undertones of lemon and sweetness curl together in this green tea heady with a hint of mystery and moonlight.

Two For Trust
A solid and lovely–and very British–black tea with a romantic spray of roses. Steep strong and add milk.